This blog, by John Leeson & Oksana Kuryliw was set up in 2013, but has had few updates since 2015.

We do now (May, 2020) have a new story however: Searching for Ivan, about our 2010 search for Oksana’s grandfather who died in 1920s Cuba.

This may be the start of some new pages here! Meanwhile, explore the tabs at the top of the page for some articles and blog posts.

But we have not been idle!  We completed a documentary about Oksana’s father, Chapters and Verses: Action Bill’s Walk Through Life. It premiered in September, 2017, and has been shown several times in Toronto, Sudbury and Edmonton.  A Ukrainian-language version is in the works. See

We can be reached by email at

Us... Havana, January, 2010

Us, in Havana, January, 2010

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