A small blog, by John Leeson & Oksana Kuryliw. These pages were first set up in February, 2013, and we’re slowly adding to them.

We can be reached by email at website@jookjoint.ca

Our Twitter feeds are on the right. Oksana’s (@oksana_dok) at the top, followed by John’s two (personal: @libyatoronto and then music @tomusicpix).

Us... Havana, January, 2010

Us, in Havana, January, 2010



See our Blog pages for new posts about… things. Recent posts are listed in the upper right.

Travel & Places

Libya (2006-2012) A country we’ve become intimately involved in, from our first trip there in 2006, to our most recent, in 2012 as election observers for the Canadian Libyan Council.

South Africa & Zimbabwe (August, 2012)

  • See this page for a couple of short wildlife videos, and some photos.
  • Travel journal coming soon.

New York City (1965-2013)

A few other places from the past (Ukraine & Istanbul in June of this year plus Cuba, Japan ) to come…


  • Bill & Anna’s story
    Oksana’s parents, their wedding and a treasure in an old trunk. Plus some memorials of Bill’s remarkable life.
  • Our wedding
    We recently unearthed Some old super8-film from 1976

And on our old webpages:


See also John’s world music website (not currently being updated).

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