A small blog, by John Leeson & Oksana Kuryliw. These pages were first set up in February, 2013, but updates have been few, and (mostly) long ago.  Stand by… one of these days that will change!

We have however completed a documentary about Oksana’s father, Chapters and Verses: Action Bill’s Walk Through Life. It premiered in September, 2017, and has been shown several times in Toronto, Sudbury and Edmonton.  A Ukrainian-language version is in the works. See chaptersandverses.ca

We can be reached by email at website@jookjoint.ca

Us... Havana, January, 2010

Us, in Havana, January, 2010



See our Blog pages for new posts about… things. Recent posts are listed in the upper right.

Travel & Places

Libya (2006-2012) A country we’ve become intimately involved in, from our first trip there in 2006, to our most recent, in 2012 as election observers for the Canadian Libyan Council.

South Africa & Zimbabwe (August, 2012)

  • See this page for a couple of short wildlife videos, and some photos.
  • Travel journal coming soon.

New York City (1965-2013)

A few other places from the past (Ukraine & Istanbul in June of this year plus Cuba, Japan ) to come…


  • Bill & Anna’s story
    Oksana’s parents, their wedding and a treasure in an old trunk. Plus some memorials of Bill’s remarkable life.
  • Our wedding
    We recently unearthed Some old super8-film from 1976

And on our old webpages:


See also John’s world music website (not currently being updated).

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