Family & us

Discovered in a basement cleanup… some film from our 1976 wedding. Click on the photo for the video link.

Nov. 13, 1976

Nov. 13, 1976


Below: Three pages originally posted on our old website about our parents. Click on photos to read the articles

kuryliw_wedding1936w jel_jml1950 eml-2009-3
Oksana’s parents, their wedding,
and a treasure discovered in an old trunk.
Plus some memorials of Bill’s remarkable life.
John’s father, Jack Leeson
Mar. 30, 1912 – Jan. 28, 2009
Eulogy & Photos
Eleanor Leeson
Apr. 12, 1910 – Jun. 18, 2010
Eulogy, photos and
her 100th birthday parties


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