A spring cleaning resurrection

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Behind the freezer!

Behind the freezer!

We decided we needed to do some re-arranging in one room, which necessitated moving some stuff to the basement, which meant finding a place to put it there, which meant moving some stuff from this storage place to that, which meant a lot of old junk could finally be thrown out…

We cleaned out some shelves in a closed-off corner under the basement stairs, and after emptying and vacuuming them, I leaned in to (bravely) take a look behind the freezer, beside those shelves. I was amazed to find out how much stuff had fallen behind the freezer. Layers in fact.  Old newspapers, work gloves, an empty (unfortunately) box of Lagavullin. Some of Oksana’s educational papers. How long had some of this been there? There were some Globe & Mail’s from 1995 & 1998, and advertising from Eaton’s. And dust. It took a lot of stretching and effort to pull it out bit by bit.

Some non-treasures found back there.

Some non-treasures found back there.

And then, something smaller. And more valuable. Oksana’s long-lost opal ring was sitting underneath it all. How long had that been missing? At least a decade and a half. She was probably hiding some jewellery in the freezer when we went on vacation, and this piece didn’t make it inside. I don’t know how many times over the years that she’s lost some ring or earring, and I always say “It’ll show up”. It almost always does, except for this one ring, the loss of which she occasionally would still bemoan. She bought the opal when we were in Brazil in 1986, and had it made into a ring at the old Letki Designs on Baldwin Street in Toronto a couple of years later.

Lesson: Don’t put it off… get that spring cleaning done!

The treasure!

The treasure!


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  2. valentina Kuryliw says:

    That’s great. I have a few items missing as well.
    Bet I’ll find them in the same way.

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